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FirstyLondon helps you discover new & exciting venues based upon your preferences, social network, and location services


Collect rewards from your favourite venues and store them in your app, to be used at a time that suits you


FirstyLondon allows you to settle your bill at your convenience directly from the app, without the need for cash or card




Rhys' expertise lies in business development, digital marketing, and operations management. Having led successful partnerships with UK based restaurants and bars, he has gained experience overcoming a variety of challenges facing the hospitality industry. Rhys is interested in empowering businesses to improve customer experience through innovation and business & cultural transformation. A foodie at heart, he has spent time abroad as a sous-chef in a French hotel.

Rhys oversees client development, customer experience, and operations.



Over the past decade, Nick has been developing digital solutions across web and mobile. He has a passion for driving customer acquisition through mobile technology. Nick has trained and overseen numerous development teams in some of the UK's top digital agencies, and has experience implementing and improving development processes. He draws upon his experience of training clients to ensure that our clients are familiar with the custom built tools that we provide. Nick is somewhat of a beer connoisseur.

Nick looks after our technology and systems.

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